Thursday, 8 October 2015

Aquaponics Fish

The fish you choose determines how best your aquaponics will be. The best fish to choose should be the one that quickly adapts to your system. The following list of fish has been proven to be the best fish for aquaponics.

  • Tilapia- it is arguably the best fish to use. They grow very fast and are easy to maintain. The tilapia can adapt quickly to change in many conditions. The only chief drawback to using tilapia is that they require warm water to thrive.
  • Koi- these are common in Asia and Philippines. They are very attractive to the eye making them very common to keep. They will do great as aquaponics.
  • Goldfish- these are known to be hardy and hence adapt entirely to change. They belong to the carp family and are they work best to put off waste to fertilize your plants. They are common in the United States.
  • Silver perch- they are very hardy, undoubtedly the most hardy on the list. They are the easiest to maintain. They are rarely affected by weather and can thrive all year long. They are cheap to keep.

Try a species of fish that are easy to take care of, adapt quickly to change and those that transform food efficiently into body mass.